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Technical Data on Tubular Moulds

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Contents of Technical Date on Tubular Moulds

  • Heat Transfer in Mould Tube
  • 2.Mould Dimension
  • 3.Operating Conditions
  • 4.The Solidification Model
  • 5.Tubular Mould Plating
  • 6.Mould Technology
  • 7.e Mould
  • 8.Defects and Countermeasures
  • Abandonment Standard of the Mould

Heat transfer in mould tube

Learn about what heat flux is in the transfer of heat in mould tubes and find out how heat flux is calculated. Also see an experimental data of heat flow resistance and heat flux taken from the process of billet casting.

Heat transfer in mould tube

Mould Dimension

Information on mould dimensions such as inside diameter, corner radius and thickness of mould. Mould Dimension

Operating Conditions

Operating Conditions for tubular moulds. Read more about how cooling water and casting speeds affect quality of billet casting. Operating Conditions

The Solidification Model

Read this section to find out more about solidification of low carbon and middle carbon steel in billet casting. The Solidification Model

Tubular Mould Plating

This section provides information on mould plating such as the common chrome plating as well as our exclusive THREE-LAYER plating developed to enhance the service-life of our tubular copper moulds. Tubular Mould Plating

Mould Technology

Learn about the technoloy behind the prodcution of our tubular copper moulds. Mould Technology

e Mould

CHOOSE eMould for superb Billet Quality and Higher Casting Speed e Mould

Defects and Countermeasures

Find out about the possible defects and various countermeasures to correct defects in the process of billet casting. Defects and Countermeasures

Abandonment Standard of the Mould

Learn about the abandonment standards of moulds that other billet casting companies use and find out about our recommended abandonment standard. Abandonment Standard of the Mould


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